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Related article: Date: Fri, 11 Mar 2011 13:59:19 +0800 From: Ben Ng Subject: The Big Game: After the Big Game 6************************************************************** I have started a Google Group where I put my most updated stories since it takes time for nifty to process them. Like my stories? Email me at **************************************************************After the Big Game 6Mike left the room amazed at the experience he just had. Not only has he fucked a guy for the first time, he was sucked by another guy and he witnessed an hour long fuck session, which blew his mind. In his little universe, sex was only a ten to fifteen minute affair which ended in him cumming and exhausted. He was starting to realize why girls didn't like to have sex with him. Compared to Ben's endurance and technique, his was miserable. He decided to spend more time in Ben's room from now on.Meanwhile, Rick entered the bathroom and found the water running, but Ben was asleep in the shower. He couldn't help but laugh at the absurdity. He secretly took a few pictures and asked Josh to look. Both were amused. After waking him up, Rick started to tease him."I thought you had to work on your Preteen Lolitas Nymphets project? Why are you asleep in the shower?""Hey, the hour long fuck is tiring, ok? It's like running a marathon!""I'm sure you know that before you started?""I thought I'd rest a little, then do my project!""But we all know you'd pass out immediately after sex!""So? I fell asleep. What's the big deal?""I think you were just trying to impress Mike, and you were trying too hard!""Why should I try to impress Preteen Lolitas Nymphets that idiot?""Have you seen the way he looked at you? He worshipped you!""I am kind of a sex god though, no?""You are out of your mind!"Ben gave a mean look to Rick and turned to Josh. He gave a bodybuilder's pose and asked Josh, "What do you think?""You're hot! That's why I'm into you.""Say I'm a sex god!""You're a sex god.""See?" Ben turned back to Rick.Rick shook his head. "Why am I having this stupid conversation?""You were mocking me for sleeping in the shower.""No, more for trying to impress Mike.""I was trying to help him!""Yeah, whatever... go work on your project."Ben stared at Rick with a mean look for a second, then suddenly remembered something. "Hey, why weren't you at football practice today, and why were you fucking Josh when I came back?""You missed practice for a week and you ask me why I missed one?""You never miss any practice. Why this time?""Josh begged me to stay.""What? Why?" Ben looked at both Josh and Rick."Because he wanted me to fuck him."Ben was surprised and looked at Josh. "Why didn't you wait for me?""I guess the good thing about a threesome is that even if we miss one the other two can still have fun." Rick replied."You two are MY boyfriends, you know? How can you exclude me?" Ben was holding his head with his hands, seemingly unable to accept it."So what makes us two? Co-boyfriends? Why can't we have fun without you?""Because... because... I need sex the most?"Josh has been silent the whole time, but he finally joined in. "Look, it's ok. You can join in when you get back, but I was horny and I wanted some cock in my ass. I waited for you but you didn't show up.""Coach dragged me to his office! Half the team grabbed me right after class!""Well what's the big deal? It's not like I haven't had sex with Rick before.""What about Mike? You just... obsessed about him and fucked him! On my bed!""And you were the one who brought him in, remember?""I just wanted you to come back to normal!""And I am now, thanks to you!""But... but... Preteen Lolitas Nymphets are you going to fall for any jock you see? How does that make us boyfriends?"Josh shrugged. "I don't know. I just act on my instincts. You know, like how I fell for you?""Yes, and I worry you are going to fall for others just as easily. Then you'd break up with me?""Nah, none of them fuck like you. Mike is nowhere near. He's out of my mind now.""And what if you found someone who can fuck like me or better? I'm not saying there is such a guy, just if...""I don't know... I have to see for myself how attractive he is.""That doesn't give me a lot of confidence.""Look, I promise I'm going to be your boyfriend for the rest of our senior year. When the school year is over, we are going to move to different places anyway. Why are we worrying about this now?""I guess you have a point.""He just doesn't want to lose a good bottom like you." Rick added."Yeah, because my other boyfriend doesn't put out with me." Ben stared at Rick."I told you, I'm not your whore.""Why is having sex with me means you are my whore?""The way you just say `let me fuck you' when you are horny, like I'm just your sex slave or something.""I ask my boyfriend for sex when I'm horny. What's wrong with that?""What about what I want?""I'll have sex when you want too!""May be what I want is not sex?""What else could it be?""Not everything is about sex!" Rick yelled. The way Rick looked at Ben scared him. It was a look with much anger and hatred. Rick immediately stormed out of the room.Ben looked at Josh, perplexed. "What was that about?" Josh shook his head and sighed. He really didn't want to get into the mess, so he didn't say anything, but looking at Rick's reaction, he could tell Rick was really in love with Ben. He loved him not just sexually, but his entire person. That's why he wanted more than sex. He wanted intimacy and companionship. He wanted a full relationship, which Ben did not understand. In Ben's mind, relationships exist to fulfill his sexual needs.Ben sat on the bed, frustrated. Rick has been his best friend for five years and he has never been so angry with him. Ever since Josh came into his life, Rick has been jealous, angry and always in a bad mood. Ben was torn. He loved Josh and he also valued Rick's friendship. He didn't want to lose either. However, as he thought about it, he suddenly came to a realization. He loved Josh like a boyfriend, but he always treated Rick as a friend only. He only "upgraded" Rick to boyfriend status to appease him. He really didn't treat Rick as a real boyfriend, and he was kind of using him for sex too. Ben realized why Rick was angry and he felt guilty, but he was not sure what to do."Josh," Ben looked right into his eyes and said, "I think I messed up. I shouldn't have led Rick on. I only ever think of him as a friend.""Then you should tell him.""But... he's been secretly in love with me for years. He's going to be so hurt if I told him.""It's worse if you give him false hope.""I guess the threesome thing really didn't work.""No, but it was fun while it lasted."Ben thought about what would happen. If he broke up with Rick, it's likely that they can't be friends again. That would suck. However, there was nothing much he could do about it. Ben was so troubled he buried his head in his hands and put a blanket over himself. He hasn't been so troubled before. He always believed that everything would work out in the end, but this time he couldn't see it. Josh tried to comfort him to no avail.Rick didn't come back to the room that night. Ben spent the whole night awake, thinking about his relationship with Rick, unable to sleep. Even the next day, Rick didn't come back until in the afternoon, and when he did, he didn't speak a word to Ben. He just started packing. Ben grabbed him and asked him what's going on."I'm moving out. I can't stand living like this." That was all he said. By dinner time, he was gone again. The next morning, his side of the room was completely empty. Ben looked at Josh and gave him a weak smile. "Well, look on the bright side, you have your own bed now." Ben was miserable and not even Josh could cheer him up.Mike dropped by again, surprised to see Rick gone. Ben informed him that he was in no mood to play and neither was Josh, so Preteen Lolitas Nymphets Mike just went back. Ben continued to cover himself in a blanket and didn't want to talk at all. It was difficult for Josh because he didn't want to see Ben so miserable but he couldn't do anything. All he could do was sit beside Ben and put his hand on his shoulder.Ben was miserable for several days, but he managed to pull himself together with the help of Josh. He went back to football practice and the team welcomed him. Rick was there too but he refused to talk to Ben, or even look at him. It was the worst that Ben feared. It was crazy that they were having so much fun just days earlier and now they are not even talking.This went on for several weeks. Ben and Josh grew closer together, while Rick continued to ignore Ben. Mike occasionally came over to Ben's room to fuck Josh and watch Ben fuck. After weeks of training, Mike's endurance improved significantly and worshipped Ben even Preteen Lolitas Nymphets more. The team was amazed that Mike turned from hating Ben to admiring him in a matter of weeks. The three of them hang out often, but Ben and Josh only treated him as a friend.Meanwhile, national competitions were heating up. Having lost the first game, the team needed to train hard for the rest. With Ben's return, the team was able to win several games, but was facing tougher opponents. The team was training so hard Ben seldom had time or energy to have sex. Very soon, quarter- finals were coming up. That was as far as the Trojans have ever gone. Everyone was excited including the coach. The coach promised to host a party at his house if the team can win the next game.Ben, Rick and Mike were all seniors. As it was their last year in the football team and in college, they really wanted to do well. They wanted to put the Trojans into semi-finals, writing history in effect. Everyone was so psyched up for the match. For a moment, Ben forgot about his awkwardness with Rick and just focused on winning. The coach told them they had the strongest team in history and if they were going to rewrite history, Preteen Lolitas Nymphets this would be the time. Winning was everything.On the day of the competition, the Trojans played really well. Ben made the right calls and the rest of the team was performing their best as well. Mike, for some reason, displayed superior endurance, which the coach noticed. He thought about all the "special" training he did in Ben's room and smiled. In the end, the Trojans won by a slim margin and everyone was elated. Whether they win the next game was unimportant; they already rewrote history.So, back in the locker room, the team was talking about how they should celebrate. The coach reminded them they still had games ahead and the party would be held when the nationals are over. However, the team knew they wouldn't be able to beat their next opponent, which was the national champion for eight years.As expected, the team lost the Preteen Lolitas Nymphets next match, but they were happy nonetheless. Everyone was looking forward to the party at the coach's house. You see, the coach had a big house with a large pool in the backyard, and whenever they partied there, they had a wild time. College parties are really about sex and booze, and the coach knows it. He encouraged the team to bring their girlfriends, and he provided the booze. The parties always became big orgies. Of course, the coach had his share of fun and everyone kept quiet about the sex and booze.So, today, the team gathered at the coach's house, many with their girlfriends in tow. Ben didn't have a girlfriend, but he thought about bringing Josh, and he decided against it. To bring a guy from their rival team as his "girlfriend" would be scandalous to say the least. So, Ben was sulking, drinking alcohol by himself while others were having fun in the pool. Several girls tried to get him to join them without success. The others felt it was weird the quarterback was drinking all by himself."Hey Ben, why don't you join us?" Mike patted on Ben's shoulder."Nah, you guys have fun. I'm not in the mood." Ben emptied another drink as he spoke. Mike wanted to say more, but he didn't know what to say. He shook his head and went away. Rick was having fun with the rest of the team and didn't seem to have noticed Ben.Towards the end of the party, when sufficient booze entered everyone's bloodstream and inhibitions went down, several people were having sex in various places of the house. The bedrooms were for those who were modest, and the pool became the venue for the orgy. Girls who were drunk were having sex with multiple guys and they all took turns fucking them. The only two people not involved with anyone were perhaps Ben and Rick. Ben was wasted on the couch and Rick was sitting opposite of him, watching.Rick looked at Ben's handsome face and his muscular body. It looked perfect but something was wrong. Ben was depressed. In the five years Rick knew him, Ben was never so down. In fact, ever since Rick moved out, he has never seen Ben smile. Ben just tried to be serious and focused on football, but Rick knew he was depressed inside. Rick had no idea he had so much impact on Ben. He was moved, and he regretted his actions somewhat. His moving out was too abrupt. He didn't explain his side of the story; he just left. As Rick looked at Ben's drunken state on this supposedly joyous occasion, he felt deeply for Ben. This guy, who he thought only cared about sex, was greatly depressed for losing his friendship. This guy, who was happy-go-lucky all his life, was so deeply impacted because of him. He couldn't bear seeing Ben like this.Looking around, Rick made sure no one was watching him, then carried Ben to one of the empty rooms. He locked the door behind him and put Ben on the bed. He made sure Ben was comfortable before turning to leave."Wait, Rick, don't go..." Ben was slurring and looking at him with sleepy eyes. Rick went and sat on the side of the bed."Why did you leave... why?" Ben was drunk and Rick knew he probably would not remember any of it tomorrow, but he suddenly realized this could be the chance to be honest to Ben and to know what Ben really thought of him."I couldn't bear watching you in love with Josh and treating me like a sex toy, a back up if Josh wasn't available." It was something Rick wanted to say but couldn't."You are not a sex toy... I never... I don't think you are...""You only ask me for sex. That's all you do.""I'm sorry. I was a jerk... I wanted to apologize but you wouldn't talk to me... I... I..." Ben started mumbling something Rick couldn't hear."It's ok. I forgive you. I shouldn't have left like that either.""You... you are my best friend! Best friend!""And... we still are."Ben opened his eyes wider. He seemed to be processing this important revelation. "Will you come back?""If you want me to.""Come back... we can be... just... like old times...""But we won't be boyfriends anymore." There was a hint of sadness in Rick's voice."I have a boyfriend... I need a best friend... you are my best friend...""Yes, I think that would be best. One boyfriend and one best friend.""So, you'd come back? And we are best friends?""Yes, Ben.""That's... that's... grrrrrrreat! That's... today... today is the happiest day of my life!" Ben said as he raised his arm to point at the ceiling. Rick couldn't help but smile. He still loved this guy, but it's best to just be his friend, not boyfriend."Let's go home, Ben. Together." Rick said as he got Ben up and carried him towards the front door. On the way out, he saw the coach and told him Ben's too drunk to drive so he's taking him home.When they got back to Ben's room, Rick noticed that his side of the room was still empty, exactly as he left it. Ben has not asked anyone to move in yet. Not even Josh's stuff was there. He looked at Ben and suddenly felt so touched. He laid Ben on his bed then sat on his own.Ben looked over at Rick and said, "We are back, just like old times...""Yes, we are." As he looked at Ben, a surge of emotions went through him, and he couldn't help but leaned in to kiss him. Ben was confused, but under the influence of alcohol, he didn't resist.Rick felt guilty for taking advantage of Ben, but he couldn't help it. He took off Ben's clothes and threw them on the floor. Even when drunk, Ben looked so sexy. Rick has been fantasizing about him ever since he left, but he wanted more than sex. He wanted Ben to love him as a partner, like he loved Josh. Yet, Ben clearly had no romantic feelings toward him. He had to accept the reality and move on, but not before having Ben all to himself, for one last time. He can do anything he wants to Ben and he won't remember it tomorrow.Ben was mumbling incoherent words and not quite aware of what's going on. Rick went down on him, taking his entire cock in his mouth. Since Ben was drunk, it took him much longer to get hard, but it didn't matter. Rick wanted to take his time. He wanted a world where Josh didn't exist and Ben was all to himself, and he got it. For tonight, Ben was all his. Rick took time slurping, licking and swirling his cock head in his mouth. Ben was moaning and instinctively bucking his hips. Rick just took his time caressing and kissing him all over. His thick cock, loose ball sacks, strong, hairy legs; his treasure trail, broad chest, taut nipples; his arm pits, bulging biceps, thick neck, and most of all, his handsome face. Not an inch of this perfect human form was left untouched.Rick started playing with his nipples, which drove Ben crazy. He went back down to his cock, giving it a few tugs. Ben moaned loudly and writhed back and forth. Rick loved it. When Ben was conscious, he always took charge. This time, Rick could do whatever he wanted. Rick went down on Ben's cock again, giving him a few slurps, then turned his attention to his balls. He took one of his testicles into his mouth and swirled it around, then took the other in. Normally, Ben wouldn't let Rick play with his balls because they were too sensitive, but tonight Rick got his way. Ben was thrashing and trying to push Rick away, but Rick held on. When he has had enough, he let go and went back to his cock. By now, it was rock hard."Enough foreplay," Rick thought to himself. "Time for the main course." He straddled Ben and positioned his asshole on top of Ben's cock. He gently applied pressure to his opening and Ben's cock gradually went in. Rick's hole was still tight, since he has only been fucked a few times, and by Ben only. Unlike Josh, Rick only ever loved Ben and wanted to be taken by him only. He slowly descended himself on Ben's cock, relishing the sensation of both pleasure and pain, much like his emotional state. Ever so gently, he slid down Ben's cock, taking him inch by inch. After a long time, Rick reached bottom and let out a deep sigh. He looked at Ben again, who was still moaning and thrashing about. This will be the last time Rick can have him all by himself, so he must cherish every moment.Slowly, Rick slid back up, then down again. Gradually, he established a steady pace, bouncing up and down. He wanted this to last the whole night. If Ben could fuck intensely for one hour, he could last much longer under the influence of alcohol. He just kept bouncing up and down, like doing a marathon as Ben said. Throughout this time, Rick stared intensely at Ben's face, paying attention to his response. He had wanted this to be mutual, to be a love-making session, not just a fuck. He played with Ben's nipples while riding him, occasionally leaning down to kiss him. Ben seemed to be drifting in and out of consciousness.After who knows how long, Rick was working up a sweat. It was in the wee hours of the morning, and Rick knew it had to be over soon. He started gathering speed, moving up and down rapidly. Rick was approaching climax. He has been edging the whole time, building an immense orgasm. Suddenly, he felt Ben's hands grabbing onto his ass. Was he conscious?Rick looked at Ben's face and saw that he was looking right at him, his eyes burning with desire. Somehow, Ben has gained consciousness. He started thrusting in and out of Rick's ass, using his hands for support. There was lust and determination in his eyes. Rick maintained eye contact with Ben the whole time, while he reached his orgasm. As his ass muscles contracted, he squeezed Ben's cock, pushing Ben over the edge. Simultaneously, Ben shot deep into Rick's ass while Rick shot his load all over Ben's face, chest and stomach. It was full circle: Ben's gave his essence to Rick, Rick gave his own back. It was complete. Even though he wouldn't have this chance again, it was enough. Rick would remember tonight for the rest of his life.As if on cue, Ben drifted to sleep right after he climaxed. Rick smiled as he admired Ben's innocent face and content expression. So lovely. All his tonight. He slowly got up, brought a warm washcloth from the bathroom and gently wiped Ben clean. He lovingly pulled up the blanket and covered Ben's body, then kissed him on the forehead. He went back to his own bed to sleep, but he couldn't. He laid there awake, reliving every moment.In the morning, Josh came. Rick let him in and Josh was surprised to see him. Although Josh couldn't join the party, he wanted to know all about it, but Ben was too drunk to be coherent. When Ben finally woke up, he looked at Josh then at Rick, and rubbed his forehead."What happened? I can't remember anything.""You were drunk. I brought you back.""I was having sex with someone.""Who?" asked Josh."I don't remember. Everything was blurry. But I definitely was fucking someone.""You don't even remember who you had sex with? You are worse than me!" Josh protested."I'm sorry, I was too drunk. But it felt great. It was like... the best sex I ever had!""No way! Better than with me?" Josh was definitely jealous now."I... I don't know... It's probably the booze affecting my judgment.""Next time I'll come with you to the party.""Yeah, if there is a next time."Rick looked at Ben. Did he just call it the best sex he ever had? That's something. But now, he's Ben's best friend. His crush for Ben has to come to pass. He will get over it; he knows he can.A few months have passed. Things have settled down. Rick went back to being Ben's best friend, while Josh was still Ben's boyfriend. At graduation, everyone congratulated and updated future plans with each other. Ben would be moving back to his parents' farm until he could find a job to support himself, Rick would be staying in the Preteen Lolitas Nymphets city to look for work, and Josh would be going out of the state to visit his parents. For the moment, it seems the three would drift apart. However, they made sure they kept each other's contact.The story between the three has almost come to the end. Ben would go on to find a job and get married to a woman he met at work. Josh was still the cock slut that he was and he frequented gay bars, looking for hot guys like Ben. He still missed Ben's fucking though and it was tough to find a replacement. Once in a while he would sneak back to Ben's apartment to get a royal fucking when Ben's wife was away. Rick, on the other hand, remained Ben's best friend. He never married though. In his wallet was the picture of Ben naked and asleep in the shower. His face looked so peaceful and content. It's Rick's favorite picture of Ben.Sometimes, upon Ben's request, the three would gather for some "awesome threesomes", but that's like a yearly event. Ben would fuck Josh while Josh would suck Rick. In other words, it was just like old times. Many things changed, but some things never change: the animal in us.
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